Soy Wax Cup & Saucer Candle

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These gorgeous candles are poured in a Maxwell & William's demi cup, featuring the Royal Botanical Gardens Victoria Lotus design, inspired by the Garden's famous lakes and water gardens.

Once you've burnt your candle, simply wash and enjoy using for your favourite cuppa everyday.

Available in four delicious scents:

Espresso Martini: Calling all coffee fans, this fragrance is for you! With strong notes of espresso, coffee liqueur, and caramel. Finishing with a balanced scent of sweet vanilla and burnt sugar and a hint of musk .

Wild Rosella: This scent is equal parts tart and sweet, with bold notes of Wild Rosella (Wild Hibiscus), Rhubarb, Raspberry and a hint of plum. 

Champagne Strawberry: A gorgeous blend of effervescent Champagne with a delicious combination of strawberry, raspberries and Citrus. You can smell the bubbles!

Fruity Ginger: Such a warming, spicy scent that even if you are not a fan of ginger you are going to love this one.  Beautifully blended, the citrus notes are wonderfully refreshing but then you get the warming scent of the ginger which plays off perfectly against that vibrant zesty smell.

*Cup volume 100ml, dishwasher safe

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