Drawstring Art Print Calico Bag

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Our adorable eco-friendly Drawstring Bag features Riley's cheery creatures. Made from durable calico it's perfect for everyday use and is so versatile. This cute bag is ideal for a trip to the farmers market, library or beach and would also make the perfect gift.

Ditch the single-use plastics! Do your bit for the planet whilst supporting a great local Social Enterprise Scheme and all ability artists.

Product Details

  • Bag measurements: 40 x 50cm (16" x 20")
  • Care Instructions: Cold hand wash only, dry in shade.

About the Artist:   

Riley Coyle- “Riley has loved to draw since he was a toddler, and this is how he best expresses his view of the world through autistic eyes. His perception of detail is unique in many of his 'masterpieces' as he occasionally describes them. He much prefers the caricature or cartoon version of life and fantasy, both with his creations and the accurate reproductions of much-loved existing characters. Riley has a great ability for sculpture as well being able to shape a variety of animals and 'monsters', again, with a preference for cartoon and caricature versions. He draws prolifically on a daily basis, sometimes simplistically, sometimes in depth, depending on his mood on the day.” John Coyle (Riley’s Dad).


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