Mosaic FOA 2023-Microgravity-The Long Gallery

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Microgravity is the condition in which people & objects appear to be weightless.

Art is a realm where the usual rules don’t have to apply.

What does it look like to have a ‘microgravity’ creative expression?

Perspective can’t be pinned down.

Ideas, characters, and objects float in space.

Creations appear weightless.

Designs & texts are both random and repetitious.

Colour has free reign.

MICROGRAVITY exhibition is supported by Mosaic Support Services.  Work exhibited has been developed during 2022-23 Create sessions at Mosaic.

100% of all proceeds from the sale of Microgravity Exhibition artworks go directly to the artists.   Mosaic does not take any commission.

All purchased works may be collected from Mosaic at 91 Bathurst St from Tuesday 28th November any time Monday-Friday,  9am-5pm. There is no need to make an appointment, but Mosaic can be contacted on 6244 9444 for any queries.